2019 |The beginning|

Woah, the holidays were CRAZY! We ended up having 7….7 Christmas celebration. We were blessed & stressed to say the least. Nevertheless here we are, eight days into 2019! Here’s to waking up early, getting the kid to school late & resuming a non-existant schedule with my other two small ones.

They say that every photographer needs to find their “style”. Something to stick with when it comes to sessions, editing & posting. I have always struggled with “style” (LOL) I usually wear what I feel that day & edited how I feel that a particular image should look, but I have done it! I have found my “style” in editing my photographs! I simply LOVE each image I capture and edit lately! My style allows me to be consistant, which in turns allows my clients to be certain what “style” they are choosing!

Since having Rylan, I have picked up my camera a thousand times more often just to capture little moments of hers as well as her brothers! Little features, like chubby hands & two brand new teefers may seem like silly things to capture, but as a mother of a SIX year old, those chubby hands turn into slender hands & those two cute teefers turn into lots of teeth that smack when they eat! (GROSS)

I hope that my new outlook on little one’s & moments become something BIG for you! I pray that the things I capture for you and your family are photographs that make you smile, cry & laugh for years to come.

Here are some recent shots I got of Rylan (8 Months Old)
Her first time examining flowers, she was intrigued <3