Time & growth!

Do you believe that you can care TOO much about someone? I don’t mean your husband or your kids, but someone else who means the world to you, but that person isn’t necessarily a part of your everyday being?
If you are like me, God has blessed you with a heart that literally OVERFLOWS at times. I mean I have seen Deepwater Horizon a million times and I BAWL every single time. My mom has always told me, that I have the unique ability to place myself in someone’s situation or shoes and actually feel how they feel.

[ It’s a blessing & a curse to feel everything so completely]

Nevertheless, over the years I have learned that just because someone tells me something doesn’t mean I have to let it consume me. If they are sad, be sad with them, but when they are happy be happy with them too. That’s a struggle for me when it comes to people I love.

Ironic thing is, it’s like that with photography as well. Not everyone will understand your style. Not everyone will choose you. Not everyone will LOVE your photographs….but, that’s ok!

”Loving someone is like art. Photography is art. Art is meant to not be completely understood, but that doesn’t mean you stop creating. Keep creating. Keep loving.”

I recently cooked homemade bread for the first time. One thing is showed me was this…
All YUMMY (good) things take time & LOTS of LOVE (kneading)! LOL

*Recipe is Pioneer Woman & it’s PERFECTION!