Wolfette 🕷

Phew! We survived the Monday after Spring Break! 6:30 came waaay fast, let me tell you! Today it was gorgeous outside, so of course I gave my plants a touch of attention!

Now before I go further, let me just say I have a Lab who doesn’t enjoy water & won’t chase ducks, but he has an impeccable sixth sense for spiders! Which is fitting because we have an abundance of them here & they give me the heebyjeebies! Gunner has saved my house from utter chaos a couple dozen times! He has learned the “spidddddder” shriek from both boys and myself!

Enough bragging on my spider killing dog…

So as I am moving a huge chunk of mud this MASSIVE wolf spider flies out! I scream and Gunner comes running to save the day! One sniff and a neck jerk later Gunner turns away from the spider! Wait what? The dog who will play with a dead spider for 30 minutes, flipping it in the air and all even knew this spider wasn’t to be messed with. UGH!

Then I notice it…it has a HUGE egg sac attached to it. She is in full on protection mode and wraps two of her back legs around the sac as Gunner is trying to get her. She must’ve let out that DO NOT MESS WITH MY BABIES scent or something!

Whatever she did made the spider loving dog turn the other direction! From now on I’m not in mama bear mode, I’m in mama wolf spider mode! Better back upppp!

*Yes, I did a maternity shoot with a wolf spider. Hush, don’t judge & book a session so I won’t be so bored 😂