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Hello 2018!


It's a



I am so excited to see where this new year takes OLP! Our sweet baby-girl will make her arrival in May, I will be very very busy adjusting to a mommy of 3 & running my photography business! I feel like I need a little encouragement y'all! If you have any advice for me, leave it below! I know that during this time in my life I have to  put certain things on the  back burner for a bit, but photography is my gateway to relaxation! I would take doing a session over a bubble bath any day (unless it's cold outside) LOL!

Be patient with me my wonderful OLP clients! I pride myself in having a quick turn around and not  over-booking myself to accommodate my clients to the absolute best of my ability! Your love and appreciation expressed is uplifting and appreciated!

Here is to the NEW YEAR!


ps. I am typing this with one hand #momblessings

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